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It's about time for the ULTIMATE BACON SHOWDOWN !! Before we slide towards harsh and cold winter days, we gotta PROTECT YA SPECK.. bringing you the finest sizzle and freshest sound in town. Expect the holy grail and your favorite bacon flavour flav!!

enter BACONS PARADISE w/ The Bird Express,Berlin BBQ & BurgersThe Sausage Man Never Sleeps & Little Joy BerlinGorilla BarbecuePIC NIC 34j.kinskiOutbreak Food and CHILEES along our sweetest spot Zwei Dicke Bären !! 

while the crew Monsieur DopeStimulusSimdalDAS SHE CRAY,BeathoavenzDJ DRushAlex GallusDj Pam BamLee Stuart & Dj Cambel Nomi hold you thight on the dancefloors !!

on a special note - costumize some extra bacon fan love w/ Nailinger nail art & the one and only Aufschnitt textilfleischerei !!!

2€ before 21h (no re-entry)
10€ after 21h